Scrip Issue is focused exclusively on the investor services industry, and delivers news, analysis, data and research through the following products:

Scrip Issue InServ News – the industry’s most trusted website, delivering breaking news and commentary. The news service covers mandates, people, M&A, offshore, alternatives, collateral management, securities finance, outsourcing, product and market infrastructure. In addition, Scrip Issue provides insightful analysis to get behind the biggest news stories. Subscribers receive concise e-mail alerts whenever news breaks.

Scrip Issue Global Report – since 2005, Scrip Issue has produced a semi-annual report on the leading industry providers. The report, which takes the form of a series of provider profiles, includes analysis of providers’ strategy, product and management, as well as the industry’s most comprehensive breakdown of asset holdings.

Scrip Issue Offshore Fund Services Report – Published annually, the Offshore Report assesses the capabilities of many of the industry’s largest providers, across the major offshore centers of Dublin and Luxembourg.

Scrip Issue Distribution Support Services Report – Published every three years, the DSS Report outlines the services offered by major providers to fund managers seeking sales and distribution support. Amongst the topics covered are platforms, cap intro, trailer fees, paying agency and ManCo services.